Back to School

It’s been a while since I posted last.  The holiday’s are over and we are back at it.  I’m trying to write here more often but may need a reminder or two.


ELA8 – We’ve been bogged down in a final project for Cue For Treason since December.  Students are filming a scene and we’ve had nothing but trouble getting into our locations, people missing and a Christmas concert interrupting our efforts.

Web Design: We’ve been working on a Multi-Page website where students have to create at least 3 pages of a web site.  They must separate their HTML and CSS files and try to create a consistent design across their site.  We’ve also started looking at using some java script in our web pages and embedding video files.  Our next task will be to create forms and edit a web page on one of the online website creation networks.  Exam week is only 2 weeks away and so a final project will be coming next week.

Art: After the holidays we’ve turned to some digital art work.  We’ve started some art work on the computer using Photoshop and will begin some classes in photography.  Students still have some sketch book assignments to finish up and a final project will be coming by the end of the week. We are also going to the Winnipeg Art Gallery on the 23rd to tour and do some art work as well.  The grade 10 art class will be joining us.