Another school year has begun.  This will be my 14th year at Shevchenko School and my 16th year of teaching.  Every year I seem to get some new courses and this year is no exception.  I am teaching Grade 7 Drama, Grade 8 Art, Grade 10 Drama and the ICT 1 & 2 courses for the first time this year.  I’m excited to see what creative things our students can do.  I would love to see our art work displayed through out the school and maybe even in the community. We will see.

The 2014 yearbook is nearly complete.  Thank you to Taylor Storoschuk, Aniko Czegledi, Kayla Adolphe, Seaira Shewchuk, Paula Ceron, Caitlyn Cure, and Kailynne Neufeld for all the work they did on the yearbook.  Also a big thank you for Ms. Michalski for keeping us organized and on track.  We’ve begun the planning process for the 2015 yearbook and are always looking for more people to come and help out.

Our Drama Production of “The Wizard of Oz” was a definite highlight.  We took the show on the road to Steinbach, and even though the weather didn’t cooperate, our students were fantastic.  I’m still a little unsure of what to put on for this year but a decision will be made soon.

I hope you all have a great year.

It’s been a while since I posted last.  The holiday’s are over and we are back at it.  I’m trying to write here more often but may need a reminder or two.


ELA8 – We’ve been bogged down in a final project for Cue For Treason since December.  Students are filming a scene and we’ve had nothing but trouble getting into our locations, people missing and a Christmas concert interrupting our efforts.

Web Design: We’ve been working on a Multi-Page website where students have to create at least 3 pages of a web site.  They must separate their HTML and CSS files and try to create a consistent design across their site.  We’ve also started looking at using some java script in our web pages and embedding video files.  Our next task will be to create forms and edit a web page on one of the online website creation networks.  Exam week is only 2 weeks away and so a final project will be coming next week.

Art: After the holidays we’ve turned to some digital art work.  We’ve started some art work on the computer using Photoshop and will begin some classes in photography.  Students still have some sketch book assignments to finish up and a final project will be coming by the end of the week. We are also going to the Winnipeg Art Gallery on the 23rd to tour and do some art work as well.  The grade 10 art class will be joining us.


It was a slow start to the week after a nice break on the Thanksgiving long weekend. Here is what we did this week.

ELA 8: Students finished up their stories and presented research. They had a couple of classes to work on the Chapter 1-5 questions, which we went through on Friday. We’ve also started looking at the setting of our novel but using the Ipads and Google Earth to look up locations that Geoffery Trease, our author, used.

Computer 8: We continue to work on our shelf designs.  I’ve started printing some work on the 3D printer and hope to print everyone’s project before the end of the block is done.

Printing a part

Printing a part

Web Design – Students finished up their personal pages.  They will need to do some reading next week.  Head over to the Web Design page for the readings.

Art 10G – We did some work this week on Value.  Students also began an assignment where they will scale up an image 2 times using the grid method.

Next week is another 4 day week – teachers in Manitoba will be attending their annual SAGE conference on Friday October 25th.

Updates of what we did the week of October 7th


  • We finished up our work on short stories and reading strategies with a role play about anger management
  • We wrote a short story based on some random pictures from our upcoming novel study of “Cue for Treason”
  • We researched a little about life in the 1500s.

Art 10G

  • We worked on our ‘Mimic and Artist” assignment
  • Students also had to hand in their sketch books for evaluation
  • We started an Op-Art assignment to explore line and space.

Web design

  • We’ve been working on the basics of HTML and CSS.  Students have been working on their own personal pages.

Computer 8

  • We continue to work on using CATIA to design different items
  • Most students have finished their simple part design to be printed on the 3D printer
  • Most students are well on their way to finishing their design of their shelves, which will be built in the IA portion of their Block.