You will create a total plan for a retail business.  Starting a business is a lot of hard work and planning.  You will need to use all your knowledge and skills to complete the tasks below.

  1. Create a retail business of your choice.  Keep it simple and easy to manage.  Only a few employees .
  2. You will need to create a plan.
    1. A summary of your business idea.
    2. A plan for where your business will be located
    3. What will your business do
    4. What will it cost to run your business
    5. How many people will you employ
    6. How much will you pay them
  3. Write a letter to an investor asking for them to contribute money to your business. Be sure to explain what the money will be used for and what their return on investment will be.
  4. Write a letter to a bank asking for a loan and the terms you would like. Make sure to summarize your plans and request an appointment date with the business manager.
  5. Create a spreadsheet with a basic startup budget for your business. Include cost of renting space, renovations, buying equipment and purchasing initial inventory.
  6. Create a spreadsheet with the first month’s operating expenses and income. Expenses include things like salaries and benefits, rental costs, utilities costs, and inventory costs.  Income includes daily sales.
  7. Create a database of your inventory and a list of suppliers you can order from. Include a form to record inventory.  Include a query for different types of inventory (e.g.. In a clothing store, men’s clothing, women’s clothing etc.). Include reports of inventory and suppliers.
  8. Create a website for your business.

Assessment – Counts as 20% of your final mark in ICT 1 and ICT2


2 letters using MS Word 10 marks Content, spelling, form and formatting.
2 spreadsheets using MS Excel 10 marks Content, spelling, use of formulas and organization
1 database using MS Access 5 marks Set up of tables, forms, queries and reports.
Website using wordpress.com or weebly.com 5 marks Overall design and content connected to purpose – e.g. promoting a business.