How to Be Successful in Science Class


Come Prepared

   You must come prepared to class.  Bring all your supplies, your full attention and come ready to learn.


Pay Attention in Class and Follow Directions

   You can’t follow directions unless you know what they are.  This means you must pay attention to the instructions given by your teacher at all times.  Without them, you will be unable to complete the assignment or activity successfully.


Take Notes

   Do you remember everything you did last week?  Chances are you don’t.  The reality is that most people don’t remember it either.  This is why writing things down is crucial for learning.  Taking good notes and reviewing them repeatedly will help you perform better in any academic subject, especially in science.


Think and Ask Questions

   Things would be very easy if I could “download” knowledge into your brain.  Unfortunately, that is not possible.  You must get involved.  You must pay attention and think about the issues being discussed in class.  Do they make sense?  Do you understand them?  Can you explain them in your own words?  If you don’t understand them or things are not clear, ask questions!  Don’t wait until it is too late!


Do Your Homework

   Homework counts as 30% of your grade.  DO IT!  You cannot expect to get an A if you don’t do your homework.  It will help you study the concepts that are being discussed in class.


Study Every Day

   There is nothing worst than waiting until the last minute to study two or three weeks of material in a subject.  It is a difficult task, one that becomes impossible when you realize that you do not understand what was discussed in class two weeks ago.  Studying every day is another way to make sure you understand the subject matter being discussed in class.


Use study guides

   I make study guides available on line before the chapter test to help you study.  USE THEM!  Don’t download them and try to review them the night before a test.  That defeats the purpose.  Visit to download Adobe Acrobat® Reader to view study guides.